Founder & Director

Julia V. Matthews
Julia V. Matthews

I am Julia matthews the CEO and founder of Not Your Child Corp. I am a member of the Kitchener Wateroo Rotary Club we believe in “Service Above Self” and I am also a member of the Kitchener Zontas, we believe in the progress and advancement of women globally.

I founded Not Your Child Corp. after my nephew (my brother Lefrancs’ son) and I were walking in a mall, he pulled his hand out of my grip and ran off. I was terrified. He thought we were playing a game, and when he ran off I lost sight of him for about 3 minutes. Those three minutes were the most paralyzing gut churning 3 minutes of my life. On the way back to my brothers house I looked down on my iphone and saw the find my iphone app. I considered; how easy is it to lose a child? How many parent suffer that agonizing fear for hours? days? years? A feeling I will never forget, that I experiences for a mere 3 minutes? I put pencil to paper and started my designs for the clothing with the gps devices in them, I was inspired to push forward and applied and was accepted to the accelerator centre in waterloo, the rest is history, I have been pushing forward learning, planning and advancing ever since.

My brother owned and operatad his own after hours club in toronto and on July 1st, Canada Day 2016 my brother lefranc was killed while he was trying to save his friend and employee from a thug that was trying to enter his club in Toronto. My brother loved the idea of my company and loved the progress I made, he was particulary fond of the fact that is was his son that caused me to start it. He was my primary encourager and motivator, being an entrepreneur himself. When I am discouraged or come upon road blocks I am encouraged by his spirit, I can hear him advising me the way he used to: “Keep true to your vision Jules but keep flexible. Keep working even when you are afraid. Never lose faith Julia, especially when dissapointed” and “Remeber the greater good, the people you have helped and the people you are yet to help, rememebr them Jules when you are overwhelmed” and I continue.

One word that describes me: Love

Our devices.

Not Your Child Corp. created child/teen protective GPS devices. Our devices work in over 103 countries and features customizable alerts such as speeding alerts, S.O.S alerts, Geo fences, geo fence time in and time out, Point Of Interest alerts, and much more. Our devices are great for all children! including children with special needs and elderly people suffering from dementia.

Our teen and tween cell phone trackers.

We also have cell phone downloadable keys for your teens and tweens, these give your teens and tweens the same protection offered by the GPS device, this is great for teens that are learning responsibility and independence. Parents love our downloadable cell phone keys because they can see how fast their teens are driving, which in turn lets teens be more conscouse of their speed. Parents love that they can see when their teens enter or leave a geofences or point of interest area. Parents appreciate that they can see the battery life of their teens’ cell phone and that their phones has a new SOS button, just like the device.

The Future.

We are working on creating devices small enough to fit into clothing with beacon technology that allows the GPS to function indoors, outdoors and in tunnels.