Durex lubricants. Radio.

Durex Lubricants, Massage & Play. Radio script.

Concept & Copy by Julia Matthews.

Sound Production: Emmet Maloney.


Concept: Play time/ happy time for adults. 

1. Ice Cream.

SFX: children laughing and playing loudly we hear sound of ice cream truck.

7-year-old boy Screams: “OOOOOOH! Ice cream!”

SFX: Sound of ice cream truck morphs into seductive music

Woman, raspy voice giggles and seductively says: “Oooooh…. Ice cream!”

Announcer – Woman – British accent: “Durex Lubricants, Massage & Play. Play time for ad-ults.”



2. Again.

SFX: Roller coaster ride and children screaming on the roller coaster, noise of the fair in the background.

7-year-old girl: “Again! … Again! … Again!”

SFX: The roller coaster morphs into a Vibrator. The vibrator stops.

Woman (laughing near breathless): “Again!”

Man (catching his breath): “Again?”

Woman (very certain): “Again!”

SFX: The vibrator begins again.

Announcer – Woman – British Accent: “Durex Lubricants, Massage & Play. Play time for ad- ults.”




SFX: sounds of a video game being played, boy wins.

10-year-old boy jumps – with a thump 3 times- each time he shouts and stomps: “YEASSS!! YEASSS! YEASSS!”

SFX: the boy is quiet but we hear the same thud/stomp continue at the same pace- as if coming from another room.

Announcer – Woman- British Accent: “Durex Lubricants, Massage & Play. Play time for ad-ults”.

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