Met an angel last night. (Song/poem)

I wrote this (song/poem) for my sister.

She has found her heaven again, in the eyes of her new baby girl.


I met an angel last night

Sitting by my window

She knew my heart, her eyes were peace

She never said a word, she never had to

But gave me a message, bitter sweet;

“And when you find heaven baby

Make sure you never leave it, no never leave it, never leave its side.

And when you find your heaven baby

Never give it up, you don’t ever give it up, you never have to give it up.

You’ll know when you’ve found it baby

Yes you’ll know when you get it

And when you get your heaven baby,

Never give it up, you don’t have to give it up

Oh I say to you, and I tell you true,

Here on this walk;

Keep the stars in your eyes,

They’ll drown out the talk

Some never get their heaven

This time, maybe…

When soul true finds your heaven

Go wherever it takes you, baby.

You’ll know when your heart sees heaven girl,

You know how it feels

You’ll know when your soul feels heaven child

Yeah I say, no never leave.”

Her words never uttered

Soft as a smile

Shone like the moon

In a newborns’ eyes

How I know and knew I knew her

Is beyond the mind

Yes, I knew and know I know her

Beyond space and time

As I stare outside my window

Milky stars fill my eyes

“I’ll never give up my heaven

No I’ll never leave the heaven I find”

Written By: Julia Matthews.

All rights reserved.

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