Suicide Kills More Than Once. Monologue 2.

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the second in the series of my suicide prevention monologues.

As you may remember I have composed a series of monologues from the point of view of suicide survivors (those left behind by suicide). I myself am a suicide survivor having lost dear friends to suicide. I came up with this concept as I I believe, in many cases, if the person that committed suicide knew the destruction and pain they would leave their families/loved ones in, they would think again, or at least seek help once more before committing suicide.

The concept and point therefore is “Suicide kills more than once”. I have lived it and have seen it, I know it does. Again please feel free to lend us your insights on the matter and keep our conversation going. I believe there are no accidents in our beautiful friendly universe and maybe your comment will touch the heart of someone just in time.

Suicide kills more than once monologue 2.

Scene: Two are two dozen roses on the dining table in a tall crystal vase. They died before they could open.

Man elder brother 29 years:

“I would like to have a conversation with him now right now.

It’s like my arm is cut off and I’m still reaching – with a nub.

I don’t know – I still expect him to run down the stairs, I still expect to hear his voice.

I miss him so much, I miss him so much, I miss him so much

I just don’t understand why, I can’t get why, especially after we had such a good Christmas. Such a good new year. I don’t understand why.

Maybe I should have let him sleep down here…

Maybe he thought I didn’t love him

Maybe he thinks I don’t love him

That’s the only way he could have done what he did

Maybe he didn’t love me

If you love someone … it would be enough to stay?

No maybe he feels I didn’t love him.

I don’t understand.

I don’t get it.”

To see the live performance of these monologues please go to: and as always feel free to comment and share your insight.

Have you lost someone by suicide? Have you contemplated suicide yourself? How was the experience for you?

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Written and directed by: Julia Matthews.

All rights reserved.

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