Suicide Prevention Monologues. “Suicide Kills More Than Once”, Monologue 3.

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As you may already know, I have composed a series of monologues from the point of view of suicide survivors (those left behind by suicide). I myself am a suicide survivor having lost dear friends to suicide. I came up with this concept as I I believe, in many cases, if the person that committed suicide knew the destruction and pain they would leave their families/loved ones in, they would think again, or at least seek help once more before committing suicide.

The concept and point therefore is “Suicide kills more than once”. I have lived it and have seen it, I know it does.

Welcome to the final in my series of The Suicide Prevention Monologues: “Suicide Kills More Than Once”

Suicide Kills more than once monologue 3.

Scene: Little girl she is swinging on a swing set by herself
“My auntie said it will get better… but I don’t think so … it hasn’t.

I go to bed and when I wake up before I open my I pray it was all a dream, but it’s true… it’s still true. There is a hole in my chest …(rubs a slow circle in her chest with her hand) right here.

I used to love our birthdays, we used to get excited for my birthday. it was always so special. Now the closest person to me is gone. My big brother is gone- he is gone and he never told me why.

I thought it was everything and one day we were going to go to Disney World, just me and him.

I thought it was everything- I would always tell him everything. Id tell him everything. But its gone now.

Everything changed. I hate walking home from school now!

He left me and I don’t – I can’t know why.

I don’t want to talk anymore.”

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Written and directed by: Julia Matthews.

All rights reserved.

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