Suicide prevention monologues. Suicide Kills More than once.

Hello All,

I have composed a series of monologues from the point of view of suicide survivors (those left behind by suicide). I myself am a suicide survivor having lost dear friends to suicide. I came up with this concept as I I believe, in many cases, if the person that committed suicide knew the destruction and pain they would leave their families/loved ones in, they would think again, or at least seek help once more before committing suicide.

The concept and point therefore is “Suicide kills more than once”. I have lived it and have seen it, I know it does. Welcome to the first in my 3 part series.

Suicide kills more than once. Monologue 1.

Scene: Young woman, sitting on the edge of a bed, she has a picture in her hand. The picture is of her brother, she took that candid shot of him the night before he killed himself.

She stares at unframed photo in her hand.

“Did you know what you were going to do man?

…Did you know I would never see you again?

I had everything I needed….now the closest person to me is gone, all I needed was a little money….so that we could do more things… but everything was going to be good ….everything was good. I just don’t understand.

I remember when I took this picture – (chuckles) he turned to me and said – Man whyd-you take that picture!? (chuckles) and I said – what you mean why I took the picture? (chuckles) I love u man…..

I don’t know what I’m supposed to learn from this. I just don’t understand.”

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Written and directed by: Julia Matthews.

All rights reserved.

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