What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Copywriter

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Copywriter

It’s no secret that successful digital marketing campaigns build brands and boost business. The key to staying competitive in this changing online world is providing valuable content that interests and engages readers. What’s the secret to attracting more website traffic, and building business? A highly qualified copywriter. Writing is difficult, and getting an edge in the marketplace—and keeping it—means finding the right talent for the job. Keep these savvy tips in mind when searching for that award-winning copywriter!

Filter Potential Candidates

It’s important to have a diverse group of employees that can cover an array of topics and interests. That said, basic writing skills are required to do the job proficiently. Digital advertising is currently facing a talent gap, and filling it means finding high-quality writers. Filter potential candidates by looking for a background in English or the literary arts. Most candidates who  have a bachelor’s degree in English or hold an degree in law, business, or liberal arts are skilled, highly trained writers.

Look Beyond Formal Qualifications

Not everyone who holds a degree will excel in a fast-paced copywriter position. Look beyond formal qualifications and take into account personality, previous work experience, as well as an impressive portfolio. If the candidate demonstrates a strong ability to understand the job, there’s a good chance they’ll be well on their way to becoming a digital content expert.

Request a Trial Assignment

A copywriter must meet high demands within a short timeline. To be sure potential candidates can deliver under pressure, a trial assignment is a great way to get an indication of whether or not they can do the job. Great business writers deliver top quality work consistently under limited timeframes.

Ask What They Read

Good writers read, and excellent writers read a lot. Ask potential candidates what they read for business— and for pleasure. A wide range of literary interests means they’ll not only be agile enough to handle new demands, but also passionate about what they do!

Business Experience

Talent comes in many forms, and beautiful words mean little when they’re late. Looking for professional writers that can manage their time and meet deadlines is especially important in today’s competitive market. An understanding of business language, sales, and B2B interactions equips copywriters to learn how their talents fit within the context of business (Forbes).

Contract Out

Sometimes hiring talented writers in-house can be too costly, or difficult due to a limited talent pool. Contracting writing jobs out to a professional agency is a great way to get top quality copywriting at an affordable rate. For high-quality professional writing services, contact BlueFire Writing Inc. at 416-455-9283.

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